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Crunchy Mama's Burning Man Packing List 


Action Item 

Resources/Where to go 


• Hide keys in a magnetic holder 
outside the car 

• Write out will/instruction letter 
and seal for a family member 

• Confirm house/ pet sitter 

• AAA - for locations - qet 
one of the plastic keys that opens your 
door and hide it under your car 

Sewing Projects 

• plan what you want and need 

• See Below for LA Fabric District info 

Travel Plans 

Hotel (if needed), car rental, rv 

• Hotels: 

• Metro RV in Burbank is playa friendly 

Car Care 

Get car checked out, make sure 
registration and tags are up to date 

Pep boys is usually reliable and cheaper than 


• Start burning CDR's or 
Fill your ipod 

• (Don't take commercial CD's as 
they'll get trashed) 

• I swear by shower radios - I've had 
one I got from Old Navy for 10 years 
- works great for getting in radio 

If you bring your ipod, invest in a good 
weatherproof case for it, and figure out where 
you'll be charging it (pack cables) 

Fire Performer 
Oh-Shit Kit 

• Gather extra Kevlar, chains, pliers, 
Kevlar thread etc for fixing your 

• Make extra wicks ahead of time. 
Get large MSR bottles and dip can. 

• for Kevlar (need 
biz license if picking up in LA 

• $46 for oilv waste can 

• look for sales on MSR bottles 
online at their outlet 


• Pictures of loved ones to make camp 
more family. Remember those you 
care about and what they mean to 

• Prepare anything you want to burn in 
the Temple 

• www.biqlots often has cheap photo 


Get labeler and name tapes for 
putting your name on everything. 

• and 
get several embroidered name tapes (they're 
$4.95 each and you can put several on one. 
Sew them into your favorite jackets, 
camelback etc 


• Once you know where you're 
camping, make laminated tags for 
every bag, one for your bike, one for 
your cooler - tag anything that might 
walk off on it's own 

• has cheaD self 
sealing bag tags, or get the hot laminating 
pouches, print your inserts and go to Kinkos - 
most won't charge you to use their hot 
laminator if you bring in your own pouches 


everything you can-bedding, leather, 
suede etc to keep supple and clean 

Get it cheap at any drugstore or Target 


• Buy WEEKS ahead to break in. 

• nice resource for cheap 
shoes with no shipping costs 

• areat for teva specials 


• Hermedically seal one set of clothes 
for your return home - use heavy 
duty XL Ziplocks and don't open it on 
the playa 

• Taraet sells the huae ziplock 
sweater bags. 

Bike Checkup 

• Nows the time to fix your bike (or get 
a thrift store/kmart cheap one) and 
get it ready. Buy a tractor seat! I 
PROMISE you you'll thank me!!! 

• If you're putting lights or El Wire on, 
do that before you get to the playa 

• Get Tractor seat at 

• Look for Target/Kmart sales - they often have 
brand new bikes for $70 which is about what 
you'll pay for a great checkup 

Playa Maps 

Print out city maps as you'll be using 
them often. Make one big one to 
mark where your friends are 

• Laminate one map in heavy lamination pouch and brina a box of push pins 
so you can map where you buddies are 




Where to get/how to make 


Make sure they have foam lens lining. 
There are oftentimes whiteouts at night 
- get lighter lenses 

• 1300 s. Main St- 213- 

• Venice boardwalk 

• Toy district on Wall and 4 th St 

• Aardvarks always has goggles 



Get one with pockets - not just a water 
pack - You'll want one with at least one 
pocket to hold essentials like a trash 
bag, wet wipes, sunblock and lip balm. 
Camelbacks are expensive - Target's 
brand is TFO - nice pockets and about 


• Army/Navy surplus 





If you can't afford a ...make one of your 
own. Take your favorite outfit, skirt, 
pants shorts and add pockets to it with 
scraps of fabric - Velcro is easy to sew 
in and keeps things from blowing away 

• Moskatels downtown on San Julien between 7 th and 
8 th is Michael's crafts outlet. You can get snaps, 
hooks, and pocket patches that are easy to sew on 


bedding gets covered in playa. Anything 
itchy sucks (note no wool). I love Velux 
blankets-they're synthetic blend. ..feels 
like suede/velvet 

A velvet covered down comforter has 
saved my body for years - cleans up 
easy and is super comfortable and warm 

• The Big Lots in Hollywood on Vine always is a great 
resource, especially for bedding 


I swear by clear spray sunblock 

• Big Lots always has the best deals on sunblock 

Cheap Fabric: 

Downtown Los Angeles: go to the 
corner of Wall and 9 th Street-a the 
corner are several $1.99 fabric stores 
you'll see signs for. You'll see fun fur 
outside of the most beautiful kind- 
you walk out of their store, it's too low 
for them to sell it to you. But if they 
can even make a buck above their cost, 
they'll sell it to you. 

• Kashcool (213-489-3010) rocks for older fabrics-last 
years' fun fur. 

• EZ Fabrics: My favorite for really nice fun 
fur/holographic fabrics. ..go to 9 th street one block 
East of Maple/Wall area... on the same side as 
Kashcool, one block East 


Downtown, there are some stores that 
always ask for a Sales ID number. The 
ones that don't are amazing you just 
say you forgot it and have a 
bunch of stuff Vi price 

• JUNE on Main St - wigs, long satin gloves, cowboy 
hats, accessories 

• Main Street/Santee Alley 

Shoes/ boots 

If you can brave Santee Alley - they 
have lots of great cheap clothes and 
shoes. ..Lingerie is super cheap too 

• on maple, between 8 th and 9 th ...or to down 
Santee Alley - start at Jenco shoes has areat deals on tactical 
military boots that vent but keep sand out 

Craft supplies 

Moskatels on San Julien (between 7 th 
and 8 th ) is Michaels Crafts outlet 
store. ..everything is cheaper and you 
don't need a resale license-but don't 
park on the street... it's not a safe 
neighborhood. Look for the parking 

• Moskatels on San Julien (between 7 th and 8 th ) 

sign above it.. .you'll get a ticket and it's 
free with validation w/security on duty 

Misc Stuff 

For the basics - start with the 99cent 
store and Pic n Save 
For clothes/lightweight long sleeves 
shirts, hit some of the African clothing 
places on Los Angeles or Main streets 
downtown around 10 th - 12 th street 

• Downtown-Los Angeles Street between 10 th 
and 12 th Streets 


Wilson's leather outlet has amazing 
stuff - I got lined suede pants for $10- 
Ijust need to add a zipper. For $25 you 
can get a nice pair that doesn't even 
need alterations 

• Wilson's leather outlet on Magnolia in Burbank 
(btw Buena Vista and Hollywood way) 

Venice Beach 

Take a day - it's awesome for sarongs, 
sunglasses, flip flops and breezy, soft 
and thin cotton long sleeved shirts to 
keep you out of the sun. Relatively 
cheap too. 

• There is a whole mess of middle eastern places in 
one section... look for the red brick building complex 
on the boardwalk south of the Sidewalk Cafe. There 
is a bellydancing place (I get their broken pieces to 
rebuild new costumes) and some amazing shops 
w/playa wear. 


I've come to love a pyrex coffee press I 
got a cost plus world market. No glass 
to break, and I only have to bring a hot 
water kettle. 

However, I do have a fancy 2 burner 
coffee maker that rocks. ..I'll probably 
bring both out. 

• has incredible coffee presses 
including travel coffee presses (a press for one large 
travel mug) 


Sorry, but getting run over sucks. I 
know it's hippyish..but you have to be 




I get lip service stuff for 50% off, and 
cryoflesh stuff for 20% off... let me know 
if you're interested in getting in on a 
group buy. Enlighted is a great site - 
they did Blue Man/Daft Punk costumes 







• Make sure ALL your coolers have spigits on them to drain the water! 

Get a cooler just for food with an elevated basket for fruit and anything that can't get water seepage 

• RECYCLE YOUR COOLER WATER. If it's clean (IT SHOULD BE because all your food is double super heavy 
duty ziplock bagged), use it in your solar shower.. .less water to haul and easy easy easy! 

• Keep one 3 drawer bin ($12 at Target) for each member of your tent, label each drawer - keep handy with daily 
essentials. ..flashlight, swiss army knife, hammer, duct tape, wet wipes, lighters, kleenex, gloves, etc. .so you don't 
have to search for it.. THEN, don't just lay these items down anywhere. ..put them back so you know where they 
always are 

Offerings - take time to write prayers/notes and leave for people. ..fimo necklaces. ..bindies.. .etc. coffee packets, 
creamer, homemade cigarette tins, make something creative and useful 

• As you are packing, assess EVERYTHING YOU'RE BRINGING and any accessories you might run out of or 
need. ..what batteries you'll need, cords for boom box, extra propane, butane, pump for your air matterss, 
mattress repair kits, spatula, cooking accessories and oil/butter, can opener, bottle opener ...etc 

We always need batteries. Save money and either go with rechargeables, or go to Costco and get one pack of 
every size in the big pack-keep sealed in a Tupperware bin as the playa will eat them alive 
Get one set of silverware for each person-no disposables-and clean each night, put back in Ziplocks to keep clean- 
Pic N Save is great for this. OR, use wooden chopsticks when you can - burn them each night 

• Have one bin for anything you can burn, then each day, slowly burn in your fire barrell etc. 

• DO NOT make an evap pond. In 12 burns I've NEVER seen one work. They get septic, oil slicked and don't ever 
evaporate (see kitchen section for options) 

Dishes: There's nothing more gross than burnt grilled cheese, soaking in a tupperware bin in the sun. ..then you 

have to throw out gross food/water etc into triple bagged trash. Get a good skillit and use cooking spray. Wipe 

out all dishes with paper towels or wet wipes into trash, then put the wipes in your dry box to be burned. 

If you eat soups/stews: give away so no leftovers. If you do have leftovers, put a large funnel down a deep crack 

in the playa, and fill it with cheese cloth. Funnel liquids into it, then dry and burn the cheesecloth full of food bits. 

DISH TIPS: If you do burn food, boil water in the pan to loosen it up after you're done cooking. If it's dried, 

scrape and throw it in a fire. No one likes stinky gooey food scraps and they make garbage nasty! 


around and give it away - empty cooking pots and pans IMMEDIATELY and put leftovers in ziplocks. Wipe down 

hot pans with wet wipes then burn when dried 

Heavy duty trash bags-I mean. ...the thickest you can find. Trust me. Peee U 

Coffee: The easiest is a good Coffee Press, so you only have to bring out a hot water kettle. I have a bodum 

Young Press-no glass, good for camping. If you want a maker, I highly recommend spending $40 and getting a 

coffee pot that works over a 2 burner propane stove. It's a full pot in 8 minutes. Then bring a carraffe ($10 at 

Ikea) and fill several pots in it. 10 minutes and you have coffee for 10 people with little mess. Offer your coffee 

grounds to center camp for composing. 

EATING IN STYLE ON THE PLAYA: Go to your fav restaurant.. .order double orders of your favorite vittles. 

Double bag in Gallon Ziplocks. ..freeze flat. One skillit meals. ..already cooked. ..will last 6 days at least.. .keep cooler 

full of ice or keep one cooler full of dry ice. 

FRUIT GETS BAD FASSST. I love canned organic peaches and pears in fruit juice (not in syrup). Keep in the 

cooler, doesn't go bad and is very refreshing. Fruit with rinds like melons are disgusting unless dried and burned. 

Same with Bananas. 

BEFORE YOU DEPART FOR THE PLAYA: Take apart ALL of your food packaging. .less waste. Burn everything 

you can each night so you keep your trash to a minimum 

PieTrons(available at Sportmarkj-fillings, butter, bread (pizza pies, fruit pies etc) 

I highly recommend Trader Joes Tayste Bite indian foods. ..with some Naan...easy, lasts and only a little space 

used. Bread gets dry quick.. .bring lots of crackers 

CELERY cut in pieces in a cooler are INCREDIBLE and are full of fluids-crunchy and refreshing 

Build your meals around leftovers. ..If you like pesto chicken sausage. ..bring a few cans of Progresso chicken barley 

soup (the greatest) and make stew the next night 

Use large rubbermade bins or 4 drawer bins for each "room"-kitchen, clothes, toiletries, etc-they can be stacked 

outdoors, make great tables and don't take up room in your tent-check for Kmart/Target sales. .you can find the 

big 18 gal ones for $3 on sale. But remember *ALWAYS PUT THE TOP ON. If you don't you'll have 1" of dust on 

everything in it in the morning. 

Salt is a necessity-salty snacks are important. Miso soup is a great sodium laden broth when you don't want 

anything heavy 


Carpet vs 
rug vs 

Carpet gets nasty and you have to throw out after each 
burn. I suggest rubber sections (like kiddie mats) can be 
found at Home Depot/Lowes. Easy to clean and sweep 
off. OR, Ikea sells 2' sanded wood sections-like soft 
pallets for $5 each. For $50 you have a large deck that is 
reusable and weatherproof.. 

Costco and Home Depot carry 
rubber/vinyl flooring squares that 
interlock and are washable to use 
again and again. 


Large 5 gallon refillable water containers so you can refill 
your camelback, or your little water bottles to put back 
into coolers. ..5 gallon green ones apx $7 each at Kmart. 

• Kmart for green 5 gal containers 

• Smart N Final for 3 gal jugs 


Camp Fire Tools-rake, shovel, bucket for ashes, large 
magnet, a covered bin for burnables so they don't blow 
away before they're burned 

• Bring Mutaytor and Gigsville Fire 
barrels - clean out first 

one for 
H20, one 

Get a large 5 gallon icewater cooler w/spigit like they use 
on football fields... every day buy one block ice or 2 bags 
of cubes and refill with clean drinking water. Imagine - 
you empty warm camelback water into the top, then refill 
it with the cold water at the bottom with icy cold 
refreshing water. Brilliant! 

Get a smaller a one-gallon spigit cooler for JUST 

Home Depot or Target carry 
spigit coolers 

GATORAID. Go to Costco and get one large can of 
powder-every day fill with fresh ice and water. If you see 
people in need. ..get them some electrolytes!! 

re bar 

A good Tent-and stakes. COVER YOUR REBAR: Bring 
either tennis balls, long pool foam tube-float.. .cut sections 
to fit over your rebar or impale stuffed animals for a more 
sadistic look to your camp-$l at kmart or 99cent stores. 

99c stores have cheap rebar 
• Mark you camp with solar garden 


DONT GET CHEAP ZIPLOCKS. Wet cheese sucks in 
your cooler. Keep one full of Babywipes for your 
cambelback pocket (which is always on your person) but 
remember... you can't put wetwipes in the portos! Keep an 
empty ziplock in your camelback just for trash and used 
Kleenex/wetwipes. Every night burn it all. 

Costco has the best deal on the 
heavyweight ziplocks. Smart n 
final ones are just too cheap and 

Talka bouts 

if you are campin with several people, they're 
a blast around the playa - 1 think you can get them online 
and at costco for about $70 a pair-bring extra batteries 
and wrap it in a spiffy piece of fabric to keep the dust out 

• Check online for deals - Sunday 
paper usually has deals at 
electronic stores 


5 large bottles of Pedialite - Every year I 
encounter a dehydrated person who needs it 
• Good Lip Balm - bring several and keep in cooler 

• Big Lots sells Pedialite and 

generic alternatives - saves lives. 


I hate using up batteries for lanterns. ..Get a 

propane lantern at Target.. .apx $30 

bucks... extremely bright-remember extra mantles 

and propane!!! They last a long time and burn 


• Propane Lantern - check Sunday 
paper for deals at Sport Chalet or 
Big 5 

• Solar garden lights have come a 
long way - help to find your 
camp at night 

Jump unit 

• Any good automotive store carries a jump pack - 
plug it in and it'll jump your car, or will run some 
simple rope lights for your camp. Durning the 
day recharge if you're near a camp that will trade 
some energy for your cleaning/massaging or 
helpful services 

For $100 you can get a 450amp 
jumper/compressor and power 
supply - 2 DC outlets to power 
12v accessories, etc 


• Always have one clean tarp handy 

2 pack at Costco is only about 


• Bring more than one. Tether one to your body at 
all times 

• Remember batteries 


vs futon 

If you like Air mattress-bring pump - bring 5 EXTRA 
PATCH KITS. You're screwed if your mattress pops-or 
get a really good one with an internal pump - I don't 
recommend air mattresses. 

Futons: I suggest if you have the means. ..bring out a 
futon frame/ mattress-very reliable 

Hammock - me loves the hammock 

• Kits can be found at any 
camping/sporting good stores 



€ BM Ticket (keep stub with you!) 

€ Small amount of cash with photo copy of ID (keep wallet locked in car) 

€ Lip balm 

€ Ziplock bag for small trash 

€ Kleenex/wetwipes 

€ Spray Sunblock 

€ Leatherman 

€ Flashlight/batteries 


Something blinky to be lit at night-put in the mesh pocket so no idiots run you over 

Scarf/bandana or dustmask 



Camera in ziplock 

Pad paper/pen 

Coffee mug(with lid) on carabiner 

Gum / mints 

Eye Drops 

External Hang Tag with your name and camp location in case it gets separated from you. 

Sleeping Items 

€ Sleeping bag, liners, Down comforter 

€ Blankets to always keep on top (shake off every night) 

€ Pillows, pillow cases 

€ Cot/futon/hammock or foam pad 

€ Jammies, robe, slippers 

€ Ear Plugs, eye cover mask 

€ Fan or water bottle at the ready for morning spritz 


€ Flashlights with batteries 

€ Headlamp with batteries 

€ Battery rechargers 

€ Propane lanterns w/extra mantles and lighters 

€ Solar path lights w/ clear plastic bags to from the dust 

€ El wire project or LED to put in back of camelback 


€ Tent with poles (check poles ahead of time) and rain fly 

€ Ground cloth 

€ 2 extra tarps 

€ heavy duty EZ UP with all the side sections 

€ grommet kit with multi sized grommets 

€ Sarongs and fabric pieces for breezy shade 

€ rubber mat sections or old rug 

€ rebar for each corner of tent and shade pieces and EZ UP 

€ rebar toppers (rubber ducks/stuffed animals/fun float pieces) 

€ zipties, rope and duct tape 

€ One 2x4 to hang solar shower/curtain 

€ lxl wooden plank to put in center of kiddie pool for shower base 


€ lights, front and back - Tireflys look great and are cheaper than hokeyspokes 

€ Bike bell or ringer thingy 

€ Tractor seat-a MUST 

€ lock/chain with several keys or one combo lock that you won't forget 

€ Baskets, milk crate, rack 

€ Bike tool kit and repair book with pump 

€ Spare tires and tubes 

€ Tire repair kit 

Hardware-put small stuff in your own Oh Sh*t Kit (tackel box, hardware box or closed bin) 

€ Duct tape, baling wire 

€ WD-40 

€ Sandpaper, steel wool 

€ Needles and heavy thread 

€ Grommet repair kit 

€ Shoe Goo or some such 

€ Super Glue 

€ Self Stick Nylon Fabric Repair Kit 

€ Repair kit for your air bed/pad 

€ Heavy duty construction magnet for picking up loose screws etc 

€ Regular hammer 

€ Small sledge hammer 

€ Shovel, spade, rake 

€ Ladder, step stool 

€ Campsite clean up tools 

€ Metal/bucket with lid 

€ Leather work gloves (important!) 

€ Scissors-several pairs 

€ Canned air (don't leave in the sun!) 

€ Small bottle of vinegar 
I recommend NOT bringing your really good tools out there. The alkaline makes anything metal rush and kills 

tools. We have a playa toolbox of playified tools to use every year 

Personal Items: 

€ Shower FM Radio 

€ 2 way radios (register your frequency at BurnDir ) 

€ Gifts for all your new friends 

€ Musical instruments, drums 

€ Mail box with post 

€ Camera (or several disposables) 

€ Towels and washcloths 

€ Vitamins/Emergen C 

€ Non-scented shampoo and bio-soap 

€ Sunscreen, sunblock spf 50 

€ Lotions, massage oil 

€ Burt's Beez coconut foot balm 

€ Saline Nasal spray 

€ Lip balm, chapstick (keep in cooler) 

€ Kleenex, toilet paper 

€ Baby wipes, handi-wipes, etc. 

€ Sunglasses-bring extra pair too! 

€ RX glasses or Contacts and solution (note: not anymore =) for me) 

€ Toothbrush and toothpaste 

€ Hair brush, comb 

€ Hair ties and clips 

€ Small mirror 

€ Tampons, pads, grrrl supplies 

€ NOTE: do not throw used tampons in the port-a-potties! Bring small ziploc bags and dispose in your own 


€ 2 bottles of Liquid Bandage 

€ Blister patches 

€ Tiger balm patches 

€ Advil... lots of advil 

€ Burn cream 

€ Sheer Vinyl gloves 

€ Many Lighters and long clicker lighter-extra zippo fluid AND butane fuel 

€ Ace bandage/ankle strap 

€ Athletic tape w/first aid kit 

€ Small box or garbage can to dry out burnables 

€ Full length mirror 

€ 1 large canister of zipties 

Plava Kitchen Stuff 

€ Clean Bucket and plastic dish bin 

€ Bio degradable soap and 2 scrubbers 

€ Spray oil, butter 

€ 5 gal spigit cooler for water 

€ 1 gal gatoraid spigit cooler 

€ Camp cook stove 

€ Propane (with several extra cans for backup) 

€ Hot pads, trivets 

€ Lighters (long one for stove) with extra fuel 

€ Pots, fry pans, and lids - one good nonstick skillet (deep) 

€ Spatula, rubber scraper 

€ Big spoon, slotted spoon 

€ Pie Irons 

€ Knives, large and small 

€ Cutting board 

€ Paper Plates and bowls-burn every night 

€ Coffee Pot with Coffee filters and cone/bodun press 

€ Ground Coffee and creamer 

€ Water Kettle 

€ Cups and coffee mugs with lids 

€ Cooking oil, salt and pepper etc 

€ Silverware 

€ Towels and rags 

€ Herbal teas (bring a selection for sore throat, sour stomach, anxiety, etc) 

€ Chai powder 

€ Wooden chopsticks (burn every night) 

€ Paper towels, napkins, paper bowls 

€ Tin foil 

€ Garbage bags (large and small) 

€ Mesh bag for wet garbage (dry it!) 

€ Folding table, tablecloth and grip clips to hold it down 

€ Lawn chairs 


€ Frozen take out - freeze flat days before you leave 

€ Frozen Boca Burgers 

€ Free Range Pesto Sausages 

€ Crunchy's no mayo pasta salad (pesto, Mediterranean Feta, Spinach, Olive Oil, shredded Parmesan) 

€ Shredded cheese 

€ 2 bags of rotisserie chicken strips 

€ Sandwich meat 

€ 1 head red romaine 

€ Small mayo 

€ Salami 

€ Cheese 


€ 2 jars of peaches in natural juice (keep in cooler) 

€ Chips and Salsa 

€ Flour Tortillas 

€ Smoked Oysters 

€ Crakers 

€ Salt/Pepper 

€ Miso Soup 

€ Tayste Bites Indian pouches (Bombay Potaytoes are the best) 

€ Cold cereal-Trader Joes Vanilla Almond Crunch is a must 

€ Soy milk or 1% milk 

€ Coffee, Tea, herbal teas 

€ Coffee Creamer w/Sugar, honey 

€ Cut carrots and celery sticks 

€ Orange Juice 

€ Gatoraid powter 

€ Natural fruit compote for Pie Irons 

€ Pizza Sauce/bread/cheese/pepperoni for Pie Irons 

€ Trader Joes Noodle soups (just add water) 

€ Progresso Chicken Barley Soup (add leftover meat for stews) 

€ Croissants (the oil keeps them softer) Seal in heavy ziplocks 

€ Peanut butter and jam 

€ Powerbars and such 

€ Dried fruit, raisins, etc 

€ Big Bag Pita Chips 

€ Hummus 

€ 1 bigass bottle of Baileys 


€ ultra-light shirts and long sleeved shirts 

€ lots and lots and lots of pajamas 

€ hat with chin strap 

€ Tevas, slippers and hiking boots 

€ Socks 

€ Shorts, Tank tops 

€ comfy sweat pants 

€ Costumes are best when comfortable and it's something you'll WANT to wear and walk around in. 

€ hair ties 


€ a good gauzie scarf that you can wet down and wrap your head to cool you 

€ fleece pants/Long Johns, tights (good under costumes on cold nights!) 

€ Set of clothes for going home (sealed in big ziploc bag and don't get them out until you leave) 

€ Rubberized rain jacket w/fleece lining (can often be found at Costco for $20) 

€ Comfortable nighttime shoes/boots for walking around 

€ If you wear Tevas, invest in some fleece socks to wear at night $10 at REI...very comfy and warm 

€ Warmie clothes - rayon blends shed playa well. Anything itchy will hold it in and dry it out 

€ Flannel pajamas, ROBE, fleece, Fun Fur Jackets 

€ Therma Is/Nighttime - work out a few cold weather costumes or get one great jacket and hat 

€ Gloves - fingerless and regular or convertible mittens that have a top that can keep them warm 

€ FLEECE FLEECE FLEECE. ..did I say fleece? Playa shakes them off easy and it stays soft 

€ Laundry bag for dirty clothes 

€ Pod belt 

€ One really big furry coat for nighttime excursions - use to sit on in the abyss to stargaze 

Option One: Astroturf Highway 

Interstate 5 North to Sacramento - Interstate 80 East to Reno, Nevada. From Reno, take the 80 east for 
approximately 30 miles. 

Take the Wadsworth/Pyramid Lake exit #43 to Hwy 447. Go north 1 mile to Wadsworth and turn left, staying on 
Hwy 447 for 75 miles to Empire Continue 3 miles on Hwy 447 to Gerlach. 

Highlights: Reserved for those who depend on corporate owned and operated chain restaurants/hotels to get 

them across the country without incident. This is, by far, the most lackluster approach to Burning Man one could 

Option Two: American Dream -crunchy's favorite 

Route 14 N to Suburbia. Route 395 North to Reno, Nevada. From Reno, take the 80 east for apx 30 miles. 
Take the Wadsworth/Pyramid Lake exit #43 to Hwy 447. Go north 1 mile to Wadsworth & turn left, staying on 
Hwy 447 for 75 miles to Empire Continue 3 miles on Hwy 447 to Gerlach. 

Highlights: This is a great drive through the Mojave Desert and when you get into the Sierra Nevada mountains 
it becomes simply incredible, with breathtaking views all around. You are often in places quite rural and remote 
but there are still plenty of services and supermarkets and restaurants to keep you from going into convulsions or 
heavy breathing. 

Option Three: UPDATED Playa Bdass' Super Spooky Desert Route To BRC 

Don't Panic! Open a big bag of food for the pets. Fill your gas tank, fill it when ever you can! 

1. Take the 1-5 N to CA-14 N Palmdale / Lancaster. It's 268 miles from LA to Bishop, get fuel in Lancaster 
{Douggie Style went to High School in Lancaster ) if you need it. 

2. CA-14 N to US-395 N Bishop. Ca-14 N merges with the 395. 

3. Stop in Bishop at the BBQ place on your left. $$ but good. GET Fuel, 197 miles to the next 24 hour gas station. 

4. Continue North on US-395 ( Main ST ) to US-6 Basalt. 

5. US-6 for 52 miles to NV-360 Tonopah Junction. Watch for UFO's, Nevada State Troopers, and cows. 

6. NV-360 for 23 miles to the stop sign an TEE intersection. Sometimes there is a US-95 sign sometimes not. 
Make a Left turn at the stop sign. 

7. US-95 N 32 miles, pass by Mina and Luna, Hawthorne, a good place for fuel, watch for torpedoes in the 
lake. Home of US Submarine Warfare Center. US-95 N to Schurz. Now we Depart from Nobody's route . Take 
the US-95 N to the RIGHT towards 

Fallon. The other way takes you to an Indian Casino and up a mountain. 

8. In Fallon turn Left onto US-50 towards Fernley. The Navy bombs the desert around Fallon. 

9. Take US-50 for 9.3 miles to US-50 ALT for 17 miles. You're in Fernley, go under the Rail Road Bridge. Good 
Place for fuel. If you get on the 1-80 E for 1 or 2 exits there should be a big 24 hour Grocery Store on your right. 

10. US-50/ US-95 / US-50 ALT / Main ST all become one in Fernley, Take it North under the 1-80, where the 
road becomes NV-427. This route bypasses the Indian Tobacco store. 

11. NV-427 to NV-447 N, Right turn onto NV-447 N Nixon/ Empire/ Gerlach 

12. GERLACH to BRC - Take HWY-34 apx. 11 miles, follow the signs. 

-—WELCOME HOME-— Give BadassBrad a beer 
Miles between places: 

LA to Lancaster apx 70 miles LA to Bishop 267 miles 
Lancaster to Bishop 198 miles LA to Fernley NV 492 miles 
Bishop to Hawthorne 118 miles Bishop to Fernley NV 225 miles 
Hawthorne to Fallon 72 miles Hawthorne to Fernley 99 miles 
Fallon to Fernley 27 Miles Hawthorne to Gerlach 177 miles 
Fernley to Gerlach 79 Miles Bishop to Gerlach 302 miles 
Gerlach to BRC 11 Miles 
Total Miles: Los Angeles CA to Black Rock City NV, 579 miles — 



Specific Reno Stores of Burning Man Interest 

Melting Pot 

1049 S. Virginia St 322-9445 - The Melting Pot closes during Burning Man so they can attend. Clearly an 
enlightened business, stop by if you have time before or after the event. They sell Burning Man tickets, incense, 
drums, hemp, tie dye, pipes, sarongs, masks, belly dancing apparel, bindis, henna, rugs, and Burning Man books. 
They moved a few blocks south after Burning Man 2006. From Route 80, take Exit 13 (S. Virginia St.) The store is 
about 1.5 miles down on the right (half a block north of Vassar). From Route 395, take Exit 65 (Plumb Lane) • 
west on E. Plumb Lane* right onto S. Kietzke Lane • left onto Vassar • right onto S. Wells. (This trip is just under 
2 miles from the Exit.) 

Twin City Surplus 

1675 E. 4th St. (888) 323-5630 - Local numbers 323-5630 - Open 8-6 Monday-Saturday and 10-4 Sunday. This 
Y'Biq Red Barn\" provides camping and military surplus supplies. This is a phenomenal place - it's huge and has 
the largest assortment of various surplus stuff I've ever seen. Fire suits, water barrels, gloves, tents, tarps, 
goggles, parachutes, military lip balm, etc. They have helped supply Burning Man for years and are accustomed 
to helping Europeans and other folks from outside the US supply their entire camp. This year, they've contributed 
gear worth $700 to a Reno radio station giveaway for Burning Man. It's almost worth going even if you don't 
need anything, just to talk to them and other Burners. We've also done our own web page of pictures from the 
Big Red Barn. To get there from Route 80, take Exit 14 • south on Wells Ave • east (left) on E. 4th St. • it's 8 
blocks down on your left. To get there from Route 395, take the Route 80 exit west • Exit 16 (Victorian Ave./E. 
4th St.) • right onto E. 4th • west 4 blocks - it's on your right. 

Super Kand Big K 

4855 Summit Ridge Dr. 746-4700 - Open 24/7, with a grocery store. Quite visible from eastbound Route 80 as 
you approach Reno, this store is not as easy to get to as it looks. Take Exit 10 (McCarran Blvd.) • bear right to go 
south onto S. McCarran Blvd. • continue on the ramp and then bear right onto Summit Ridge Dr. • right at the 
stop sign and the Super K will be straight ahead to greet you! 

In Sparks, Big K is at 2125 Oddie Blvd Sparks 358-5050 From Route 80, take Exit 15 (Rt. 395) • north on Rt 395 • 
Exit 69 (Oddie Blvd) • right on Oddie 0.8 miles to Big K. 


6845 Sierra Center Parkway 853-8900 This store is next door to Sierra Trading Post, one of our favorate stores. 
From Rt. 395, take Exit 62, Neil Rd • go east on Del Monte Lane • turn right onto S. Virginia St. • left at the first 
stoplight onto Sierra Center Parkway. The store is immediately on the right. 
505 E. Prater Wav. Sparks 331-4600 

Trader Joe's 

5035 S. McCarran Blvd. 826-1621 - What would Burning Man be without at least 2 bags of groceries from Trader 
Joe's? Fortunately, Reno is also blessed with a store for those who remembered they forgot to get the Combat 
Juice Blend somewhere outside Truckee and for those who fly into town. Located in Smithridge Plaza, next to 
Longs, across McCarran Blvd. from Meadowood Mall. From Route 395, take Exit 63 (S. Virginia St. - Kietzke Lane) 
• east on McCarran. The mall is just east of Route 395. Claims to be open 9 am to 9 pm. 

Home Depot 

They've got 3 locations in Reno, thanks to good old American capitalism. 

5125 Summit Ridge Ct 787-9690 - From Route 80 take Exit 10, McCarran Blvd. • bear right to go south onto S. 

McCarran Blvd. • continue on the ramp and then bear right onto Summit Ridge Court. Go straight at the stop 


6590 S Virginia St 851-9600 - From Route 395 take Exit 62, Del Monte Lane • left onto Del Monte • right onto S. 


2955 Northtowne Ln 674-2900 - From Route 80, take Exit 15 (Route 395 North). Immediately after exiting, 
merge one lane left (the lane you're in will exit onto Oddie Blvd). Take the North Mc Carren Exit, #70 • go right. 
You will see a shopping center on the right with Wal-Mart and Winco Foods. Glance left... hey, there's Home 

Lowe's Home Improvement 

They've got 2 locations in the area. 

2450 Oddie Blvd, Sparks 356-6333 From Route 80, take exit 15 to Route 395 north • take Exit 69 • east on Oddie 
Blvd. The store is half a mile down the road. Open Monday-Saturday 6 am -10 pm, Sunday 7 am - 8 pm 
5075 Kietzke Ln. 824-4750 From Route 80, take exit 15 to Route 395 south • exit 63 (S. Virginia St.) • south on 
Kietzke Blvd. to the Lowe's 0.2 mile down the street. Open Monday-Saturday 6 am -10 pm, Sunday 7 am - 8 pm 

B&C Builder's Supply 

543 Overmyer Rd. in Sparks (Exit 19 • south on S. McCarran Blvd • left onto E. Glendale • right onto Bergin Way 
• left onto Overmyer) 359-7373 Open Monday to Friday 7 am to 5 pm 

High Sierra Lumber 

333 Glendale Blvd Sparks 358-9900 From Route 80, go south on S. McCarran Blvd. • right onto Glendale Ave., it's 
2 blocks down. 

Harrison Building Products 

4750 Lonqley Ln #108 324-7113 From Route 395, take Exit 63 (S. Virginia St.) • left on S. Virginia • left on S. 
McCarran Blvd • left on Longley Lane, go 0.7 miles. 

ACE Hardware 

1299 Baring Blvd in Sparks 323-2750 From Rt. 80, take Exit 20, Sparks Blvd, go north on Sparks Blvd. about 2 
miles • go east on Baring Blvd. and you should see it on the right almost immediately. 

Big Lots 

Home of the battery powered Christmas lights, this institution is always part of my Burning Man shopping. If 
you've left home without the lights, there are some stores along the way. 

In Reno: 5017 S McCarran Blvd 826-5565 From Route 395, take Exit 63 (S. Virginia/Kietzke Lane) • left onto S. 
Virginia • left onto S. McCarran • right to Meadowood Mall. Note, this is close to The Party Market and Gordon's 
Photo Service. 

In Sparks: 650 E Prater Way 356-6188 Closer to Route 80, you may prefer this location. From Route 80, take Exit 
19 (E. McCarran Blvd.) • left onto S. McCarran Blvd. • left onto E. Prater Way. 

Sierra Trading Post 

6865 Sierra Center Parkway, Sierra Town Center 828-8050 

Sierra Trading Post has a catalog outlet store in Reno for your last minute outdoor clothes needs. From Route 80, 
take Route 395 south toward the airport • take Exit 62, Del Monte Lane • go east on Del Monte • go right onto S. 
Virginia, the shopping center is about a quarter mile on the left. Turn left at the first light onto Sierra Center 
Parkway. Our info says they are open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm, and 11:00 am to 
5:00 pm on Sunday. We shop here every year after Burning Man to begin stocking up for the next year. In past 
years, the Reno Tahoe Visitor magazine had a discount coupon for Sierra Trading Post. 

Dollar Tree 

There are several locations in Reno and Sparks, so you can easily stock up on cheap toilet paper, Santa hats, 
water, cookies, and other essential stuff. 

450 Keystone Ave 323-4998 - From Route 80, take Exit 12 (Keystone Ave.) • go south on Keystone, the store is 

about a block on your left. This is one of our favorite stores because of it's location - it's close to Simply Water 

and Crystal Ice Co. 

95 W Plumb Ln (near the intersection with S. Virginia, in Lakeside Plaza near Albertson's and Sav-On) 329-2700 - 

From Route 80, take Exit 13 (Virginia St.) • go south on Virginia 2 miles • turn right onto Plumb Lane. From Route 

395, take Exit 65 (Plumb Lane) • go west on Plumb Lane about a mile. 

2225 Oddie Blvd. Sparks 358-3110 Take Exit 16, Victorian Ave/E 4th St, from 1-80 • go north on Prater Way • 

north on Sullivan • west on Oddie. 

9760 S Virginia St 852-5004 at S. Meadows Parkway. From Rt. 395, take Exit 61, S. Virginia St • go south on S. 
Virginia • it's just north of S. Meadows Parkway. 


2225 Harvard Way Home of Body Glide, LED flashlights, and Nalgene bottles, REI is conveniently located behind 
Costco, close to the airport. From Rt. 395, take Exit 65, E. Plumb Lane. • go west on E. Plumb Lane • left on 
Harvard Way • it's on your right about a block and a half. 

Harbor Freight Tools 

Located at Peckham Square, near the corner of S. Kietzke Lane and Peckham Lane. 3800 S. Kietzke Ln 331-1375 
From Rt. 395, take Exit 64, Moana Lane • west on Moana • south on S. Keitzke Lane and it's on your left. 

Specific Products 

Simply Water 411 Keystone Ave. 337-8111 A Burning Man friendly business in the same shopping center as 
Albertson's at the Keystone Blvd. From Rt 80., take Exit 12, Keystone Ave. • right onto Keystone and it's in the 
shopping center immediately to the right. 

The Water Mart 1249 Baring Blvd 702-358-2500 Sparks (corner of Sparks and Baring - use exit 20 off Route 80, 
go north 2 miles to Baring Blvd). In the Baring Village Shopping Center, they are open 10 am to 7 pm Monday 
through Friday, and 10 am to 5 pm Saturday, Sunday and holidays. They will stay open late on request. 

Twin City Surplus will fill your water containers. In 2004, they charged $12 to fill a 55 gallon barrel, $7 for 30 
gallons, $6 for 20 gallons, and $5 for 15 gallons. To get there from Route 80, take Exit 14 • south on Wells Ave • 
east (left) on E. 4th St. • it's 8 blocks down on your left. To get there from Route 395, take the Route 80 exit 
west • Exit 16 (Victorian Ave./E. 4th St.) • right onto E. 4th • west 4 blocks - it's on your right. 

The Pilot Travel Center in Fernley can also be used to fill-up water containers. Fern ley is 2 miles north of the exit 
for Burning Man (Rt.447) off Rt. 80. Take Exit 48. 575-5115 

Crystal Springs Water Co 1435 Celese Ln 851-1722 I haven't seen this place and it looks a little out of the way, 
but could be useful if you are doing other shopping near Exit 61 off Rt. 395. After taking Exit 61, go south on S. 
Virginia • right on Foothill Rd. • left on Celese Circle • right on Celese Lane. 

I've also heard of one person who fills up at the spigot at the Donner Summit Rest Area on Route 80. It's free, 
although there could be a line if everyone decides to use this water source! 

Dry Ice and Ice 

Brief instructions for use in cooling and freezing are available. 

Albertson's, Raley's (89 cents a pound in 2000), Scolari's, and Safeway stores in Reno, Sparks, and Fernley sell 
dry ice. We have found that many sell out just before Burning Man; the Scolari's in Fernley had dry ice when no 
other grocery store did. Now we stop at Crystal Ice, they have tons of ice. For people coming from the south, The 
Water Mart in Sparks may be more convenient. I don't know of any ice companies along Route 395 in Reno. 

Crystal Ice 1345 W. 4th St. Reno 323-5145 - Conveniently located off the Keystone exit on Rt. 80 • go south on 
Keystone • right at the 2nd light onto 4th St. • Crystal Ice is on the right just after the Keystone RV Park (about 2 
blocks). You can back up to the loading dock - what could be more convenient? They are open 7 days a week; 7 
am - 5 pm Mon - Sat and 8 am - 3 pm Sunday. We paid about 90 cents a pound in 2006 - CASH ONLY. 

The Water Mart 1249 Baring Blvd 702-358-2500 Sparks (corner of Sparks and Baring - from Rt. 80, take Exit 20, 
Sparks Blvd. • go north 2 miles to Baring Blvd). In the Baring Village Shopping Center, open 10 am to 7 pm 
Monday through Friday, 10 am to 5 pm Saturday, Sunday and holidays. They will stay open late on request. 
Baring Village Shopping Center is anchored by a Smith's Supermarket (where you can get Dry Ice). 


A map of propane suppliers. 

If you need to get your propane tank refilled, your best bet is Baldini's Sports Casino in Sparks. You can pump 
your own at their gas station - in July 2005, propane was $1.99 a gallon. 1055 S. Rock Blvd, Sparks 358-7400 

From Rt. 80, take Exit 17, Rock Blvd. • go south on S. Rock Blvd. • it's on the right at the intersection with Greg 
St. (about 0.6 mile from Rt. 80). 

U-Haul stores also sell propane. 

1790 Silverada Blvd 359-9202 - Located between Reno and Sparks. From Route 80, take Exit 15 (Route 395) • go 

south on Route 395 • take the first exit (Exit 69, Oddie Blvd.) • go east on Oddie, the U-Haul is at the intersection 

of Oddie and Silverado. 

3411 S. Virginia 825-4445 - From Route 395, take Exit 64 (Moana Lane) • go west on Moana • right onto S. 

Virginia. The U-Haul is immediately on your left, after the Walgreen's. 

10400 S. Virginia 851-4030 - From northbound Route 395, just north of Steamboat is an interchange with Routes 

431 and 341 (Mt. Rose Highway 8i Comstock Highway). About 1/4 mile after that, Route 395 veers to the right 

while the road that continues straight is S. Virginia - this is Exit 57B. You want to go straight onto S. Virginia, the 

U-Haul is about 2 miles up the road. To get back to Route 395, continue north on S. Virginia and look for signs. 

Amerigas is a good supplier for Burning Man. They are at 720 Glendale Ave in Sparks. 358-5246 From Rt. 80, 

take Eixt 17, Rock Blvd. • go south on Rock Ivd. • go east on Glendale Ave. - it's about 3/4 mile down the road. 

Other businesses with Amerigas filling stations are: 

Reno-Sparks R.V. & Auto Service 2505 Mill St. 323-2751 From Rt. 395, take Exit 66, Mill St. • go east on Mill St. 

(left turn) and it's on the left just after you pass under the freeway. 

ACE Hardware 1299 Baring Blvd in Sparks 323-2750 From Rt. 80, take Exit 20, Sparks Blvd, go north on Sparks 

Blvd. about 2 miles • go east on Baring Blvd. and you should see it on the right almost immediately. 


A-l Battery 2825 Kietzke Lane 826-0866 - From 395, take Exit 64 (Moana Lane). Go west on Moana 0.2 miles to 
Kietzke Lane • turn right onto Kietzke, A-l is a quarter mile up the road. 

Batteries Plus - 4898 S Virginia St 825-0566 From Rt. 395, take Exit 63, S. Virginia St. • go north on S. Virgina St. 
(a right turn), it's just past the first 4-way intersection (Kietzke Lane). 

Fabric and Craft Stores 

$2 Fabric in the shopping center at Plumb Lane and Kietzke Blvd. 900 E. Plumb Lane 826-0203 - If you need 
cheap fabric, fake oriental rugs, or pillows, this is a great place. The $2 a yard fabric is in back; the selection is 
good. They even had some stretch sequined fabric at that price in 2002. More expensive fabric is up front, and 
it's still not too pricey. From Rt. 395, take Exit 65 (exit 65A if you are traveling south on 395), E. Plumb Lane, • 
go west on E. Plumb Lane, it's 2 blocks on the left. 

Jo-ann Fabrics & Crafts 3750 Kietzke Lane 828-9700 From Rt. 395, take Exit 64, Moana Lane • go west on Moana 
Ln • go south on S. Kietzke Lane. It's on the left before you reach the first intersection (E. Peckham Lane) 
Mill End Fabrics 1745 Kuenzli (@ Kietzke Lane) 322-5844 - They have a huge assortment of upholstery, foam, 
vinyl, bolt ends, and 15,000 square feet of general fabric, sewing stuff. Their prices are reasonable, but not as 
cheap as I've seen at discount fabric stores. But it's still worth a visit for the selection. From Rt. 395, take Exit 67, 
Glendale Ave. (it's the first exit after the Rt. 80 interchange) • go west on E. 2nd Ave. • go north on S. Kietzke 
Lane (right turn) • go west on Kuenzli (first street on the left). 

Ben Franklin Crafts in the Shopper's Square Mall. 245 E Plumb Lane 348-0050, Open Mon-Sat 9-6, Sun 10-5 From 
Rt. 80, take Exit 13, Downtown Reno/Virginia St. • go south on Virginia about 2 miles • go east on E. Plumb Lane 
(right turn). Or, from Rt. 395, take Exit 65, Plumb Lane, • go west on E. Plumb Lane and it's about a mile down 
on the right. 

Art Supplies 

Nevada Fine Arts has been in Reno since 1969 and is locally owned. 1030 E. 4th St., between D Bar M cowboy 
supplies and Big Ed's Restaurant and Bar (how can you go wrong?) 786-1128 Open Mon-Sat 9:00-5:30. 
debbie@nvfinea From Rt. 80, Take Exit 14, Wells Ave. • go south on Wells for about 1/4 mile • left onto E. 
4th and it's two and a half blocks down. 


Ever since we "lost" the only key for our rental van at Burning Man, we've gotten an extra key made. Here is a 
map of locksmiths in Reno. 

Keystone West Locksmith 836 W. 5th St. 329-5010 - From Route 80, take Exit 12, Keystone Ave., • go south on 
Keystone • left onto W. 5th St. 

A-l Security 734 Spice Island Dr., Sparks 828-5625 - From Route 80, take Exit 19, McCarran Blvd., • go south on 

McCarran Blvd. 0.8 mile • turn left onto E. Greg St • right onto Spice Islands Dr. 0.7 mile 

Desert Locksmiths provides mobile service 24/7 call 747-7861 

Andy's Lock and Key has a drive up window! It has the same address as Park Lane Locksmith, hmm. 

Park Lane Locksmith 199 E. Plumb Lane 322-8588, take Exit 65B off Route 395, Plumb Lane, • go west on Plumb 

Lane about a mile. Look behind the International House of Pancakes (IHOP). 

Dunseath Key Co. 75 W. Arroyo St. 323-4372 A local Reno business since 1930! From Rt. 80, take Exit 13, 

Virginia St, • go south on Virginia • for 1.6 miles • right onto W. Arroyo and it's about a block down Arroyo. From 

Rt. 395, take Exit 65, E. Plumb Lane, • go west on E. Plumb Lane 1.2 miles • north (right) on S. Virginia 0.4 mile 

• west on W. Arroyo. 

K D Products 1925 Prosperity St. 324-5397 From Rt. 395, take Exit 67, Glendale Ave. • go west on Glendale, 

which is actually E. 2nd St. at this point, for 0.1 mile • left onto Golden Lane for 0.2 mile • right onto Prosperity 

St. and it's one block down. 

Lock Shop 825 S. Kietzke Lane, #4 323-6688 

A 8i J Locksmiths 7675 S. Virginia St. 826-9312 

ABC Locksmiths 1700 Victorian Ave. Sparks 331-5307 


Here is a map of photography/camera stores. 

Gordon's Photo Service - If you need something more than the developing machine at Longs, try Gordon's Photo 
Service. They provide amateur and professional supplies with same day film processing. They claim to be open 
Monday to Saturday, 10-6. They are at 5067 S Mc Carran Blvd Oust east of Route 395) 826-6488. From Route 
395, take Exit 63 (S. Virginia/Kietzke Lane) go south on S. Virginia, then east on S. McCarran Blvd. Note, this is 
close to Big Lots, The Party Market, and Meadowood Mall. 
Other camera shops are 

Camera Clinic at 295 Gentry Way, Suite 9. 829-2244. They are open only on weekdays from 10-5:30. From Route 

395, take Exit 64 (Moana Lane), go west on Moana, right onto Yori Ave, left onto Gentry. 

Nevada Camera Repair at 1170 S. Wells (1 block north of Vassar) 786-9559. From Route 80, take Exit 14 (Wells 

Ave.), go south on N. Wells, continue to S. Wells Ave. (total of 1.5 miles from Route 80). 

Reno Color Lab at 1117 California Ave. (Village Shopping Center) 324-1499 - From Route 80, take Exit 12 

(Keystone Ave.), go south on Keystone 1 mile, right onto California. 

1 Fast Photo 490 E. Plumb Lane 827-5200 

Thrift Stores 

If you have the time for shopping for appropriate BM attire, we have the following list of consignment and thrift 

shops for your perusal and 

browsal. Here is an overview map showing stores. 

Assistance League of Reno-Sparks Resale Shop, 1701 Vassar, 329-6658, 10am-4pm Tues-Sat - clothing, furniture, 

household items, jewelry, books, records, electronics From Route 395, exit 65 (E. Plumb Lane), go west on E. 

Plumb Lane, right onto S. Kietzke Lane, right onto Vassar St. 

Auntie V's Thrift Store and More, 309 Kietzke Lane, 323-2278 or 772-9480, 8 am-6 pm Tues-Sat and 9-5 Sunday. 

Closed Monday 

Bag-A-Bargain, 1090 S. Wells , 323-7769 - clothing, furniture. From Route 395, exit 65 (E. Plumb Lane), go west 

on E. Plumb Lane, right onto S. Kietzke Lane, left onto Vassar St., right onto S. Wells Ave. 

Big John's Bargain & Thrift Shop 1312 S. Wells 337-9423 

Easter Seal's Thrift Store 1270 E. Plumb Lane 825-7774 - From Route 395, exit 65 (E. Plumb Lane), go west on E. 

Plumb Lane 

Labels Consignment Boutique, 3350 Lakeside Drive, 825-6000 - From Route 395, take exit 64 (Moana Lane), go 

west on Moana, right onto Lakeside Dr, right onto Lakeside Court 

Nearly New Thrift Shoppe 405 W. 5th St. 323-2980 near Keystone Shopping Center 

Ottie's Thrift Store 2164 Victorian Blvd. , Sparks 355-9222 

Reno-Sparks Gospel Mission Thrift Depot 575 E. 4th St. 786-4499 

Reno Thrift 1400 E. Peckham Lane 827-8632 

Salvation Army has 2 locations, one at 560 Gentry Way, 689-2240 (1/2 block west of Kietzke Lane) and the 

second at 1925 Sutro St., 688-4588. 

St. Vincent's Thrift Shop, 500 E. Fourth, 322-9824 - clothing, furniture, appliances, kitchenware - open Monday - 

Saturday. From Route 80, exit 14 (N. Wells Ave.), go south on N. Wells, right onto E. 4th St. 

Saver's has a store in Reno and one in Sparks 2350 Oddie Blvd. Sparks 359-4244 - From 395, take Exit 69 (Oddie 

Blvd.) Go east on Oddie, the store is about 1/2 down on the left. Peckham Square It is on the corner of S. Keitzke 

Blvd. and Peckham Lane. Take Moana Lane west, go south on S. Kietzke Blvd to Peckham Lane. 

SPCA of Northern Nevada Thrift Store and Adoption Services 840 E. 5th St. 324-7776 

Thrift Depot has 3 locations 575 E. 4th 786-4499 1075 North Hills Blvd. 972-3831 640 Greenbrae Dr. Sparks 331- 


Washoe ARC Thrift and Gift (WARC) has 4 locations 

*201 Keystone 8i 2nd, just south of E. 4th St. 324-1992 

*790 Sutro just south of 9th St. 333-8262 

*570 Gentry @ Kietzke Lane 825-1972 

*580 E. Prater Sparks 351-1117 

Wizdom Thrift Store 630 Gentry Way Gust east of Kietzke Blvd), 829-4483 or 829-4482 - open 7 days a week. 

From Route 395, take exit 64 (Moana Lane), go west on Moana, right onto S. Kietzke, right onto Gentry Way 

Western Wear (Boots, Cowboy Hats and such) 

There are still real cowboys in Nevada, and some of them shop in Reno. You can find stores that sell stuff from 
western wedding dresses to stores that have dozens of saddles in stock. Phil got a great cowboy hat in Reno and 
it was steamed into a perfect fit on the spot. Stop by at least one of these stores and say Howdy! Here is a map 
of all of 'em. 

D BarM - 1020 E. 4th St. (across the street from the Lucky Motel, with a giant horse) 329-9107 - From Route 80, 

take Exit 14 (Wells Ave.), go south on Wells, turn left onto E. 5th St., right onto Morrill Ave., then left onto E. 4th. 

This place is GREAT, geared toward people who actually ride horses! Owned by Jack and Judy Bassett, their 

motto is, "Where the cowboys shop" since 1964. Phil got his cowboy hat here, and they've got enough stuff to 

peruse for an hour or so. Jack said he's been thinking of going to Burning Man, but has a difficult time getting 

away from the store. They are also the official Cowboy purveyor of the Reno Rodeo Cattle Drive! 

Shepler's Western Wear - 255 E Plumb Ln 322-9797 - From Route 395, take Exit 65 (Plumb Lane), go west on 

Plumb Lane. Shepler's is in Shpper's Square Mall. 

American Boot Co. - 697 E. Moana Lane 827-2668 (in Pioneer Plaza, near Kietzke and Moana Lane intersection) 

This store even has a bridal section, something I could never have imagined on my own. From Route 395, take 

Exit 64 (Moana Lane), go west on Moana Lane. Open 10-6 Monday-Friday, 10-5 Saturday, 11-4 Sunday 

Corral West Ranchwear 3345 Kietzke Ln. 825-0666 Ranch wear - jeans, shirts, hats, boots. This chain is also the 

official western wear retailer of the National High School Rodeo Association! From Route 395, take Exit 64 

(Moana Lane), go west on Moana, left onto Kietzke. The store is at the intersection of Kietzke and Moana. 

General Fun Stuff 

The Melting Pot closes during Burning Man so they can attend. Clearly an enlightened business, stop by if you 
have time before or after the event. They sell Burning Man tickets, incense, drums, hemp, tie dye, pipes, sarongs, 
masks, belly dancing apparel, bindis, henna, rugs, and Burning Man books. 888 S. Wells Ave. (4 blocks north of 
Vassar) 322-9445 

Party America sells plastic champagne glasses, wigs, paper cups and plates, and glow sticks, if you find you have 
an inadequate supply of these items as you are driving past Truckee. It is a little out of the way in that it isn't 
close to a freeway off-ramp, but when you need a pink wig and champagne glasses, it's one stop shopping! 5925 
S. Virginia 800-729-1438 or 825-0825. Open 7 days a week. There are 2 locations: 

Reno - 5925 S. Virginia St. From Route 395, take Exit 63 (S. Virginia/Kietzke Lane). Go left on S. Virginia half a 

mile and the store is in a little shopping center on the right. It's at the rear of the parking lot. Note, this is close 

to Big Lots and Gordon's Photo Service. 

Sparks - 635 E. Prater Way in the Iron Horse Shopping Center 331-3112. 

Tuesday Morning features Lauren Bacall in its ads, so it must be good. Lots of discounted housewares and linens, 

but some tacky garden stuff and kitchen tools too. 3702 S. Virginia St., in the Sierra Marketplace, on the 

southeast corner of S. Virginia and Moana Lane. 

Butler's Uniforms has police, fire, postal, security, corrections, and industrial uniforms. I'm just sayin... Open 

Monday - Saturday 235 Keystone Ave. 323-4452 

Fantasy Fa ire advertises lingerie, lovers' playthings, and leather. 1298 S. Virginia 323-6969 

Romantic Sensations 1065 S. Virginia 322-1884 

Adult Theater and Bookstore 1052 S. Virginia 329-9953 - Open 24 hours, advertises bodysuits, corsets, garters, 

queensize, exotic mean's wear 

Venus Envy a "unique clothing boutique". Next to Java Jungle at 246 W. First St. 329-2030 

Chocolate Walrus 1041 S. Virginia St. 825-2267 - The Reno News and Review says this about the store: 

Despite the name, The Chocolate Walrus isn't so much a chocolate shop as a sex shop with lingerie, fetish gear, 

vibrators, movies, sex books, games and more. But it also sells chocolate body spreads and makes some 

distinctive chocolate treats on-site-including a chocolate-and-almond confection intended to resemble fecal 

matter and a wide variety of chocolate genitalia. I picked out a large, erect, apparently cream-filled and rather 

graphically overflowing red-headed penis. In a further display of puerile confectioners' humor, the figurative nuts 

contain literal ones. I bought the candy schlong and the doo-doo dessert for Danielle, but she has not yet, for 

whatever reason, eaten either. As I was making my purchase, the woman behind the counter told me, "We're 

working on our Valentine's special, a little chocolate cupid with his little penis hanging out. 

From 1-395, take Exit 66, Mill St. Go west on Mill St, south on S. Kietzke Lane, west on Vassar, and then north 

onto S. Virginia. From 1-80, take Exit 13, Downtown Reno/Virginia St. and go south about 1.5 miles. 

Sierra Mountaineer 949 W. Moana Ln 829-1542 

JC Penny Outlet was not at the top of our list for Burning Man supplies, but then we stopped by and learned 

otherwise! This store could be especially useful for people flying into Reno because it has a broad assortment of 

stuff. In 2004, we found large sizes in women's dresses for $15-$25, a cordless drill set for $10, large size 

women's shoes (even some black platform boots), rugs, outerwear, underwear, kitchen stuff, etc. 

190 E. Glendale Ave, in Sparks (1 block south of Rt.80 at the McCarran Blvd. East Exit 19). Open Monday to 

Saturday 9am to 7 pm and Sunday 10 am to 5 pm. 

Reno Prospectors Supply - 315 Claremont St. 329-7553 

Sportsman's Warehouse opened just before Burning Man 2004. 3306 Kietzke Lane at Moana 828-1500 They claim 

to focus on fishing, hunting, and camping gear and clothes. 

House of Black and White Costume Co. 22 Martin St. 322-5429 They carry Ben Nye makeup and have a used 

costume sale the weekend before Labor Day. 

El Rancho Swap Meet and Flea Market 555 El Rancho Dr. (at the corner of El Rancho Dr. and G St, just north of 

Victorian Blvd in Sparks) opens at 7 am Fri, Sat, and Sun 358-6920 


Big Grocery Chains 

Albertson's - here's an overview map . Near the airport, at 195 W. Plumb Lane 786-0138 Exit 65 off Route 395 
525 Keystone Ave, (just south of Route 80 at Keystone) Exit 12 off Route 80 786-2150 Open 6 am to 1 am daily 
4995 Kietzke Lane (Route 395, Exit 63, at intersection of S. McCarran and Kietzke) 827-5350 565 E Prater Wav. 
Sparks 359-9060 

Raley's Supermarkets - Here is an overview map . 701 Keystone Ave, (just north of Route 80 at Exit 12 in Reno 
Town Mall) 747-5267 1441 Mavberrv Dr 786-3655 1630 Robb Dr. 746-6400 4047 S. Virginia St. 825-2151 
Safeway - 4823 Kietzke Lane 823-2300 (Route 395, Exit 63, west on McCarran, right onto Kietzke) 
4150 Mae Anne Ave. 746-9000 

Scolari's - The newest Scolari's is right on Route 80 at 6255 Sharlands Ave 746-7300 Don't worry if you just see 
dirt at that location on the Google satellite view - the store is really new! 1360 Highway 40 East, Fernley 575- 
1381 (take the Fernley exit from Route 80, it is next to the highway next to Mac Donald's) 950 Holman Way, 
Sparks 355-8568 

Smart & Final - 115 S. Keitzke Lane at the corner of 2nd & Kietzke Lane 322-3433 

Wild Oats in Redfield Promenade across from Meadowood Mall 5695 S. Virginia St. 829-8666 Open 7 am to 10 pm 

Smith's Food and Drug has 3 locations open 24/7. The stores are somewhat out of the way, unfortunatley. 
750 S Meadows Parkway 851-8050 1255 Baring Blvd Sparks 359-6800 175 Lemmon Dr 971-3310 
Win Co Foods has 2 stores in Reno. They are both open 24 hours. 2855 Northtowne Lane near Home Depot Route 
80 - Exit 15, Route 395 North. Immediately after exiting, merge one lane left (the lane you're in will exit onto 
Oddie Blvd). Take the North Mc Carren Exit, #70. Go Right. You will see a shopping center on the right with Wal- 
Mart and Winco Foods. 9750 S. Virginia St. Use Exit 61 from 1-395. 

Specialty Grocery Stores 

Trader Joe's - What would Burning Man be without at least 2 bags of groceries from Trader Joe's? 

5035 S. McCarran Blvd. in the Smithridge Plaza, next to Longs, across McCarran from Meadowood Mall. 826-1621 

Claims to be open 9 am to 9 pm. 

Entenmann's Orowheat Outlet 4995 Lonqley Lane 826-3222 Mon- Fri 8 am - 7 pm, Sat & Sun 8 am -6 pm 

Asian Market - 2152 Prater Way Sparks 359-3636. From Route 80, take exit 16 (Victorian Blvd.), go east on 

Victorian Blvd. left onto 22nd St., right onto Prater Way 

El Amigo Market - 2490 Wrondel Way 825-8110. From Route 395, take Exit 65 (Plumb Lane), go west on E. 

Plumb Lane, left onto Wrondel. 

In And Out Food & Liquor - 1100 E. Plumb Lane #J 827-1278. From Route 395, take Exit 65 (Plumb Lane), go 

west on E. Plumb Lane. 

Litke's Midget Market - ['s+Midget+Market,+reno+NV|128 Victorian Ave.] 

Sparks 359-4417. From Route 80, take Exit 19 (N. McCarran Blvd.), go north on N. McCarran Blvd., left onto E. 

Victorian Ave. 

Manila Hong Kong Store & Kitchen - 2352 Oddie Blvd. Sparks 331-7877. From Route 80, take Exit 15 (Route 

395), north on Route 395, take Exit 69 (Oddie Blvd.), right onto Oddie Blvd. 

Grocery Outlet - 

2020 Oddie Blvd. at Sullivan Sparks 356-7400. From Route 80, take Exit 15 (Route 395), north on Route 395, 

take Exit 69 (Oddie Blvd.), right onto Oddie Blvd. 

3800 Kietzke Ln 826-7688 From Route 395, take Exit 64, Moana Lane, go west on Moana to Kietzke. Go south on 

Kietske to Peckham. 

Murillo's Latin Music & Grocery ['s,+reno,+nv|855 S. Wells Ave.] 329- 


Reno Asian Supermarket 803 W. 5th St. 322-8820 

The Reno Homebrewer - 2335 Dickerson Rd. 329-2537 

Tokyo Market 3344 Kietzke Lane 825-1533. From Route 395, take Exit 64 (Moana Lane), go west on Moana, left 

onto S. Kietzke Lane. 

Yim's Asian Supermarket (Korean & Japanese food) 

['s+Asian+Supermarket,+reno,+nv|1210 Rock Blvd], Sparks 356-8949. 

From Route 80, take Exit 17 (Rock Blvd), go left onto N. Rock Blvd. It's about 3/4 mile up the road. 

Liquor Stores 

Not surprisingly, there are countless places to get alcohol in Reno, even without counting the casinos. Here is a 
short list of either cheap or convenient stores. 

Food and Liquor Shop 142 W. 2nd St. 322-5961 OPEN 24 HOURS. From Route 80, take Exit 13 (Virginia St.), right 
onto N. Sierra St, right onto W. 2nd. 

Ben's Discount Liquors 901 W 4th St 825-0244. From Route 80, take Exit 12 (Keystone Blvd.), go south on 
Keystone. Ben's is on the corner of Keystone and 4th. You can't miss the revolving fifth of Dewar's. 

Car Washes 

Here is a map showing all the car washes I know of. 

Tropical Car Wash is open 24/7 in Sparks. Self-serve with a TRUCK BAY that can handle RVs. They promise they'll 

have portapotties and extra attendants this year. It is in Sparks at 5 E. Glendale Ave. From 1-80, take the E. 

McCarran exit, go south to Glendale. Go west on Glendale - they are just past the JC Penney outlet store. Any 

questions before the event, email Rich at 

Mission Full Service Car Wash 6355 S McCarran Blvd @ Kietzke827-4222 We hear all the EMT vehicles get 

washed here after the event. Open Mon-Sat 8-6 full service, 7:30-6:30 exterior only, Sun 9-5. Accepts credit 

cards; advertises that it has a gift shop, wireless web access, and auto repair and is close to 7 restaurants. In 

2004, they had a discount coupon in the Reno News and Review. 

Baldini's Sports Casino in Sparks has a huge gas station, mini-mart, and carwash. It is close to Route 80 as well. 

1055 S. Rock Blvd. Sparks 358-7400 

Buggy Bath Car Wash is next to the Peppermill Casino at 2525 S Virginia St 826-6679 Open Mon-Sat 8-6, Sun 8- 

5. This is a drive-through wash and charged $6.95 in 2005. They have full service detailing and wash RVs. 

Franktown Hand Car Wash 2331 Kietzke Ln 827-2601 

Lakeside Car Wash 3560 Lakeside Dr. @ W. Moana Ln. 

Marina Hand Car Wash - just north of Sierra Sid's 

McCarran Landing Car Wash 4991 Lonqley Ln 828-9566 - on the southeast corner of the airport 

Moana Lane Car Wash 235 W. Moana Lane 826-4518 

A Generic Self Serve Car Wash E. Plumb Lane @ Yori Ave. 

University Car Wash is 1 mile north of 1-80 in a somewhat inconvenient location, but it IS open 24/7. 

2175 N. Virginia 324-4346 

Wells Ave. Car Wash and Detail Center 243 Claremont 322-7111 They do carpet shampooing and engine 

cleaning, if you have any need for that. 

Namless coin-op on Keystone Ave, just south of W 4th St. 

Wave Car Wash 2500 Lonqley Ln 857-3278 - on the east side of the airport 

Wave Car Wash 1690 Evans Ave. 786-2440 Next to Emigrant Storage, they also do RVs. 


next to Jelly Donut on S. Virginia 

Prater Way Laundromat 1629 Prater Way in Sparks 358-3130 


Reno Salvage Co 301 Montello St 323-7109 
Rizzoli Trash Hauling 250 Arietta St 323-7133 
RSW Recycling 1100 E Commercial Row 329-8822 

Bicycle Stuff 

Black Rock Bicycles was started by a burner who saw a need for folks to be able to rent a quality bike for Burning 

Man at a good price. So Randy started Black Rock Bicycles specializing in playa cruisers for Burning Man. He also 

rents car racks to transport bikes. You'll probably want to reserve a rental early - 1 figure the Rasta bike will go 

first! (775) 530-5805 

Great Basin Bicycles 1999 S. Virginia St. behind Motel 6 825-8258 Carp said this shop fixed up a bike he bought 

at Costco that was out of alignment for only $15. 

Sierra Cyclesmith 7007 S. Virginia St. 852-9253 From 1-395, take Exit 62, Del Monte Lane. Go left onto Del Monte 

lane, then right onto S. Virginia. 

High Sierra Cycling and Fitness is a family owned store that is reported to serve as a neighborhood hang-out. It's 

on the south end of town. 18603 Wedge Pkwy Suite K 852-8850 From Rt. 395, take Exit 56, Mt. Rose/North Lake 

Tahoe (Nevada Rt. 431) • go 0.7 mile and bear right onto Mount Rose Highway • go 0.4 mile and turn left onto 

Wedge Parkway. Open Sun 10-4, Mon 12-7, T-Fri 10-7, Sat 9-6. 

Outlet Stores 

Sportif 1415 Greg St.. Suite 101 Sparks 359-6400 xll3 open Tues-Fri 10-6, Sat 10-4 The store is a little difficult 
to find. It is in Greg Business Park, a bunch of small warehouse stores. Look for Fast Glass across the street and 
turn in onto Greg Court. Sportif is at the back on the left. 

Simco Imported Shoes 1480 Kleppe Lane Sparks 322-0492 They ran a factory sale the weekend after Labor Day 
in 2004. 

JC Penney 190 E. Glendale Ave, in Sparks (1 block south of Rt.80 at the McCarran Blvd. East Exit 19) Open Mon - 
Sat 9:00-7:00, Sun 10:00-5:00 This was not at the top of our list for Burning Man supplies, but then we stopped 
by and learned otherwise! This store could be especially useful for people flying into Reno because it has a broad 
assortment of stuff. In 2004, we found large sizes in women's dresses for $15-$25, a cordless drill set for $10, 
large size women's shoes (even some black platform boots), rugs, outerwear, underwear, kitchen stuff, etc. 
Silk Outlet 195 E. Glendale Ave. , Sparks 355-0525 Sells fake plants, trees, and flowers. What's not to like? One 
block south of Rt.80 at the McCarran Blvd. East Exit 19. 

Shopping By Freeway Exit 

Reno has lots of shopping centers close to the freeways. I've listed the businesses close to each exit, so you 
can do your shopping with maximum efficiency! 

Note that Route 80 runs east-west connecting Sparks and Reno. Route 395 runs north-south along Reno and 
intersects Route 80 between Sparks and Reno. If you fly into the airport, you'll arrive right at Exit 65 off Route 
395 and will be close to almost everything. Be advised that recent growth in the region has been focussed in 
the sourthern areas along Route 395, so you may end up there even if it is a little out of the way. 

Route 80 - Exit 10 McCarran Blvd. West 

Home Depot , Super K, International House of Pancakes 

Del Taco, 7-11, gas station/car wash, Macdonald's, Jack in the Box 
Starbucks, Citgo, 24 Hr. Fitness 

Route 80 - Exit 12, Keystone Ave. 

Keystone Square Shopping Center 

Located just off Route 80, at the intersections of Keystone and 4th Street. This is our perennial favorite 
because it's convenient and meets our needs. We meet lots of burners in the parking lot, so it feels like the 
Burning Man experience has already started. In the shopping center itself, you can find 

Albertson's supermarket (open 24 hours but no dry ice) 

Simply Water, a Burning Man friendly business (337-8111) providing purified water (35 cents a gallon in 2001) 

& ice, bottles, 55 gallon drums, & other stuff to help keep you hydrated on the playa., Radio Shack, Cost 

Cutters, Wells Fargo Bank Within walking distance of the parking lot (like, across the street) are 

liquor stores, hardware, RV supplies, Kragen Auto Parts 801 W. 5th 329-5353, an urgent care medical facility. 

Dollar Tree - cheap water, toilet paper, Santa hats, packaged food, toys. 450 Keystone Ave. 323-4998 

Keystone West Locksmith 836 W. 5th St. 329-5010 (about 3 blocks away on 5th St.) A little farther away is 

the Sportsman's Corner Shopping Center @ 4th & Vine 

The Sportsman, sporting goods store 322-8646 

Round Table Pizza, Enterprise car rental office 

A little farther away - and on the other side of Route 80, so you'd probably want to drive is Raley's 

Supermarket which has DRY ICE and stocks up for Burning Man. 701 Keystone Ave. (just north of Route 80 at 

Keystone) 747-5267 

Sav-On Drugs, Gateway Inn, Motel 6 

Route 80 - Exit 13, Virginia St./Downtown Reno 

Wow! A brand new Walgreen's built ON the freeway overpass . It's hard to get any closer to Route 80. 

Route 80 - Exit 14, Wells Ave. 

Your gateway to E. 4th St., home of Twin City Surplus. 

Twin City Surplus camping gear and military surplus - 323-5630. From Route 80, take Exit 14 (Wells Ave.), go 
south on Wells, turn left onto E. 4th and then go east 8 blocks. 
St. Vincent's Thrift Shop 500 E 4th St, 322-9824 
Reno Sparks Gospel Mission Thrift Depot 575 E. 4th St., 786-4499 

Twin City Surplus - The Big Red Barn -1675 E. 4th St., (888) 323-5630 or 323-5630 Open 8-6 Monday- 
Saturday and 10-4 Sunday 

Reno Transfer Station 1492 E. Commercial Row Open on Labor Day, 775-329-8822 Open 6 am - 6 pm 
weekdays, 8 am - 6 pm holidays and weekends 
RSW Recycling 1100 E Commercial Row, 329-8822 

Route 80 - Exit 15, Route 395 North 

There really isn't anything at Exit 15, it's just the interchange with Route 395. Exit 15 is a gateway to one of 
the Home Depot stores and several other businesses north of Route 80. Check out the Route 395 exits for 
information on those. 

Northtowne Market Place 

After exiting Route 80, use Exit 70 off Route 395 North. This lovely location has a great selection of stores. 

Winco Foods 2855 Northtowne Ln, 331-6966 Open 24 hours 

Home Depot 2955 Northtowne Ln, , Baskin Robbins, Wendy's, Subway, Round Table Pizza, Arby's, Del Taco, 

Office Max, Party City 

Shell station with car wash, Office Depot, 

Route 80 - Exit 16, Victorian Ave./E. 4th St. 

This is an industrial area on the border of Reno and Sparks, so there's not a lot of shopping, but what IS here 
is great! Use this exit for Twin City Surplus and the Reno Transfer Station when you are returning from 
Burning Man. Here's the map . 

Route 80 - Exit 19, E McCarran Blvd. 

Here is a map of the businesses close to the exit. 

There are a fair number of stores along N. McCarran Blvd and then Prater Way, following a left turn off N. 


Wells Fargo , Wendy's , Sav-On Drugs open 24 hours, Safeway 

Turn left onto Prater Way 

Long's Drugs 590 E. Prater Way Big Lots 650 E. Prater Way 

Route 395 

Exits listed from south of Reno to north of Reno 
Exit 60, S. Meadows Parkway 

Route 395 - Exit 61, S. Virginia St. 

This exit is about 6 miles south of Route 80, so it will be most useful for people coming up Route 395. 

Sierra RV Rentals 9125 S. Virginia St. 342-0522 

In-N-Out Burger 8215 S. Virginia St. 

Scolari's 8165 S Virginia St 851-7770 

Carpeteria 8150 S. Virginia St. (I did see a dumpster out back that could contain good carpet for the playa.) 

GCO Carpet Outlet 8095 S. Virginia St. 

Rite Aid Drugs 8005 S. Virginia St. 

Winner's Corner Car Wash & Chevron Quick Lube 7695 S. Virginia St. 

Route 395 - Exit 62, Neil Road 

This is a big shopping area, on the south end of Reno. Highlights include Home Depot and Sierra Trading Post. 
Shop Ko grocery store Kinko's (open 24 hours) CompUSA 
Office Max Fast Food restaurants Chevron 

Super 8 motel Courtyard Motel Wells Fargo bank 

Parkside Center 

Del Monte Lane and S. Virginia St. (east of Route 395) 
Home Depot Work World (workwear) Indigo mexican grill 
Tower Records Thai House Restaurant TGIF 

Sierra Town Center 

just south of Parkside Center (east of Route 395) 
Sierra Trading Post outlet Target Mervyn's 

Famous Footwear Payless Shoes South Side Cafe 

Route 395 - Exit 63, South Virginia Street 

There are 5 shopping centers near this exit. Meadowood Mall is the largest. Three are on S. McCarran: 
Redfield Promenade is on the southwest corner of S. McCarran and S. Virginia. Smithridge Plaza is north of 
Redfield Promenade, across S. McCarran from Meadowood Mall. Del Montel Plaza is on S. Virginia across from 
Meadowood Mall. Here is a map for general orientation. 

Meadowood Mall S. Virginia St. and S. McCarran Blvd. (just south of exit) 

Boardriders Club Brookstone Eddie Bauer 

Sports Authority Footlocker Gloria Jean's Coffee 

JC Penney Sear's Macy's 

Kit's Cameras/1 Hour Photo Optometrists Payless Shoe Source 

Radio Shack Wells Fargo Bank 

Redfield Promenade 

across S. Virginia from Meadowood Mall 
Barnes & Noble Wild Oats Market Best Buy 
Pearle Vision Petco Cost Plus 

Smithridge Plaza 

S. McCarran Blvd. at Smithridge (just east of Route 395) 
Big Lots Computers of Reno Gordon's Photo Service 

Long's Drugs Men's Wearhouse Trader Joe's 

Pep Boy's Pier 1 Toys R Us 

Rent-A-Center Subway, Chili's, Jack in the 

Del Monte Plaza 

S. Virginia & Meadowood Mall Circle 
Office Max Shop Ko Party Universe New Balance Macy's 

Fire Creek Crossing 

Kietzke Land and Redfield Parkway 

Safeway Albertson's Michael's Arts & Crafts 

Ross Dress for Less Boston Market Office Depot 
Circuit City 

Route 395 - Exit 64, Moana Lane 

Reno Mountain Sports 155 E. Moana Lane 825-2855 

Peckham Square is a new shopping center with a Grocery Outlet, Savers thrift store, Harbor Freight Tools, Jo 

Ann Fabrics, and King Chinese Buffet. It is on the corner of S. Keitzke Blvd. and Peckham Lane. Take Moana 

Lane west, go south on S. Kietzke Blvd to Peckham Lane. 

AAA office 199 E. Moana Ln 826-8800 

Hobbies of Reno 535 E. Moana Lane 826-6006. Radio controlled planes and rockets - open 7 days a week - 

daily 10-6, Sunday Noon-4:00 

American Boot Co. 697 E. Moana Lane 827-2668 Cowboy boots! 

Joann Fabrics 3750 Kietzke Ln 828-9700 

Tokyo Market - 3344 Kietzke Lane 825-1533. From Route 395, take Exit 64 (Moana Lane), go west on Moana, 

left onto S. Kietzke Lane. 

Camera Clinic at 295 Gentry Way, Suite 9. 829-2244. They are open only on weekdays from 10-5:30. From 

Route 395, take Exit 64 (Moana Lane), go west on Moana, right onto Yori Ave, left onto Gentry. 

Wizdom Thrift Store 630 Gentry Way (just east of Kietzke Blvd), 829-4483 or 829-4482 - open 7 days a week. 

From Route 395, take exit 64 (Moana Lane), go west on Moana, right onto S. Kietzke, right onto Gentry Way 

Route 395 - Exit 65, East Plumb Lane (Airport exit) 

Photo taken traveling south on 395. And the exit traveling north. 

There are lots of stores and shopping centers along Plumb Lane between Route 395 and S. Virginia St. Go 
west on Plumb Lane once you exit Route 395. These are listed as you find them traveling from Route 395 
toward S. Virginia St. You will also find some gas stations and various fast food places. Here is an overview 
map of the area. 

Airport Square 

Saver's Thrift Store Dollar Tree Discount Store 

Exit 65, East Plumb Lane Exit off Route 395. E. Plumb Lane and Harvard Way. This is very convenient to the 
airport and Route 395 - just a block west 

Costco 2200 Harvard Way 689-2222 Petsmart Computer Base, an authorized Apple seller 
The next stores aren't part of the shopping center, but are on Plumb Lane on the same corner. 

Denny's Nearby (across Harvard Way) is REI 

Some Generic Shopping Center 

E. Plumb Lane and Kietzke Lane 

Long's Drugs A&W Home Fabrics Sak N Save 

Exxon gas station USA Minimart gas station Nevada Auto Diagnostics 

Route 395 - Exit 69, Oddie Blvd., Sparks 

This exit is north of Route 80. From Route 80, take Exit 15 (395 North toward Susanville), take Exit 69 (Oddie 
Blvd.)- Keep right at the fork in the off-ramp, merge onto Oddie. Between 395 and Rock Blvd, Oddie is one 
long strip of shopping and fast food. You can go south on Rock Blvd. to get back to Route 80. Here is an 
overview map . 

Lowe's Home Improvement Big K on the right at the intersection of Sullivan Lane 

Albertson's on the right Grocery Outlet 

KFC, Del Taco, Carl's Jr., 


Bank of America 

Bizarre Guitar on the right. 2677 Oddie Blvd 331-1001 
Open Monday - Saturday 11 to 6pm, Sunday noon - 5pm 

Manila Hong Kong Store and Kitchen Long's Drugs 

Discount Center Liquor 8i Smoke A-l Video Indian Grocery at the intersection with El Rancho 

USA Mini Mart J-Z Floors 

Radio Shack at the intersection of 
Rock Blvd 

Route 395 - Exit 70, N. McCarran Blvd., Sparks 

Here is the overview map . 

Winco Foods 2855 Northtowne Ln, .. _ t in „ .. ... . ,,. .... 

„. rcsrr r^ ->/i i. Home Depot 2955 Northtowne Ln, 674-2900 

331-6966 Open 24 hours K ' 

Baskin Robbins, Wendy's, Subway, ^ Mgx 
Round Table Pizza, Arby's, Del Taco 

Kiwanis dropoff box for aluminum can . . _.. 

.. K Party City 

recycling ' ' 

Shell station with car wash Ross Dress for Less 

Office Depot Petco 

Shopping By Casinos 

If you've booked a great room deal, find out what stores are nearby. 

Atlantis Casino 

The Reno Town Mall is across the street. Stores here are Raley's supermarket, Wells Fargo Bank, Bank of 
America, Les Schwab Tire Center, Burlington Coat Factory, and Reno Schwinn. Walgreen's is 0.2 miles north of 
the casino, on S. Virginia. Open 24 hours. 3800 S. Virginia 

Peppermill Casino 

Businesses within walking distance include 

Firestone Tire 8i Service Center „ . . _ . -, nnn c- w oin -non 

. ricru . .. mn ooon Kragen Auto Parts 3090 S Virginia 829-1 180 

2515 S Virginia, 829-2880 

Walgreen's 3495 S Virginia 824-0880 .. . C1 ._ _ _. 000 „™ 

a ., . . M Metropawn 51 E Grove St 828-0770 

open 24 hours 

Buggy Bath Car Wash is next door at 
2525 S Virginia St 

826-6679 Open Mon-Sat 8-6, Sun 8- 


This is a drive-through wash and 

charged $6.95 in 2005. 

They have full service detailing and 

wash RVs. 

Area Code - The area code for Reno is 775